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Waterfall School Lectern

About this Waterfall school lectern:

This lectern has been designed with centres of education in mind. It is strong yet lightweight and includes shock mounts to help with sound issues.

It is durable yet easy to move around. If your school or institute of education requires a logo or slogan to be applied to the front, it has a large area suitable for this. It also solves many sound problems because it comes with shock mounts for two microphones or a microphone and light. (Please note, microphone and light are not included. Need to be purchased separately.) The shock mounts grip the body of the microphone or light (helping to stop vibrations from the lectern and stage getting into the microphone - every sound technicians nightmare!)

More about this Waterfall school lectern:

The Waterfall School Lectern has no internal wiring. Instead you supply your own microphone or light or cables. You can purchase a light or microphone through us (see the "You might be interested in" section at the bottom of this page.)

You simply drop the cables through the body of the lectern and connect them to your sound system. See the diagrams to see how this works. The lectern stands strong, with graceful authority. The triangulated aluminium construction makes it lightweight and yet very tough. It has a large area at the front for signage and can be carried on and off of a stage or platform by one person. It is powder coated in a shade of black, with a slightly textured finish. The paint is extremely hardwearing and forgiving if it is accidentally damaged. In fact, small scratches can be touched up with a black marker if need be.
Unlike other corporate style lecterns which have very limited area at the front for signage, this lectern has a very generous area at the front for a logo or slogan. It is straight forward for a local signwriter, such a Signarama to apply your school or educational institutions logo or slogan onto this lectern. 
All in all, this lectern is bound to induce huge lectern envy from visiting Principals!

OUT OF STOCK - sorry, this product is currently out of stock. Please email us at for more info. 
Waterfall School Lectern



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This LED light uses 12v power and plugs into a socket on the lectern top.
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Plug the light into one of the sockets in...
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