Lectern Microphone

Lectern Microphone- Countryman- noise cancelling

About this lectern microphone- Countryman- noise cancelling:

We tested every lectern microphone we could get our hands on and found this to be the best by far.

​Like noise-cancelling headphones, but in a microphone. This means you don’t need a shock mount.

More about this lectern microphone: 

They are made in the USA. We sell them at the price we get them for.

We are the main purchaser of this type of microphone in Australia, so we get them at a great price (they are normally $600.) You really only need one microphone. The purpose of 2 sockets is to have a spare one for back up. We find that this is the best microphone to use with our lecterns. Because you can bend it, you can adjust it closer or further away. The noise reduction is superb. 

Lectern Microphone- Countryman- noise cancelling



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- Regular orders are sent every Thursday. Express orders are normally sent immediately.
- May take extra time to clear customs in your country.
- Freight times are a guide only. Times may vary.
- See How To Buy page for more exact times within Australia.

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