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Plywood case for Arc2 Pulpit and Water Table

About this plywood case for the Arc2 and Water Table and Preachers Table

This is a versatile and strong plywood box with a lot of design thought and a clever method of making.

It fits an Arc2 pulpit (adjustable or fixed height), or an Arc2 pulpit (adjustable or not) and water table together, or a Preachers table, or a Preachers table and water table together.

It has interlocking joints and is glued and screwed for strength. It has no padding or foam. Plywood is naturally slightly softer than the metal parts, so it protects the parts and does not need any padding or foam. We cut the parts ourselves on our computer controlled machine. Each plywood part is complicated with many notches and details, but it is fast to cut on our computer controlled machine. This makes it quick and efficient to make. We use plywood made from hardwood, so the boxes are strong and yet relatively lightweight. It has 2 wheels to make it easier to transport.

It has handles cut into the plywood. This makes it easier to move without protruding handles that would increase the overall size. Also we save time and money not needing to buy handles and attach them.

More about this plywood case for the Arc2 and Water Table and Preachers Table

Background- how did this box come about?

Here in our workshop, we use our CNC machine to make plywood boxes and trolleys. This helps make our production more efficient, and keeps the pulpit parts safe while we are making and storing them. More of our plywood boxes travel around Sydney to outside engineers who do speciality work on our pulpit parts. We have developed special techniques to make these boxes. They have interlocking joints and other features to make them durable and strong.

In 2015, Brian Houston from Hillsong Church made a book tour of the USA (to promote his book ‘Live Love Lead’.) We made plywood boxes to hold his preaching equipment. The boxes were efficient to make, and the plywood protected the contents without the need for extra foam or padding.

Some months later it occurred to us that this might be a way to make reasonable priced boxes for our customers that need to bump their churches in and out every Sunday. 

This was not a new problem that we had tried to solve. We had previously made flight cases using conventional methods (aluminium extrusions, panels etc), but these were expensive and time consuming to make. We then made special laser cut metal parts to make this more efficient, but the cases still needed a lot of assembly and padding- so the process was better, but still expensive and not efficient. We investigated using plastic (like you would get tools like drills in), however because of the large size, the mould costs would make this very expensive. Also you can’t improve it after you have made the mould, and improving pulpits is our favourite thing to do.

In our normal style, what started as a modest goal turned into an ambitious project as we produced prototype after prototype, endlessly improving the humble plywood box. Each plywood part needed fulfil 2 functions. Each joint needed to be strong and also efficient to computer cut and assemble.

We fought for every millimetre to make it as small and lightweight as possible. Finally 28 prototypes later- we had the optimum result. During the process we reduced the size by 32% and the weight by 24%.

We think that by putting in a lot of design effort, the product can be better and more efficient to make. As a result for your church, you get an optimum pulpit case for the price.  We don’t really want to outsource it to a low labour country where we may have quality control issues and long wait times, we prefer to do it ourselves and make it in an efficient manner. 

This particular case weighs 16kg/36lbs empty. 
With Arc2 60cm wide - 24.5kg/54lbs.
With Arc2 70cm wide - 25kg/55lbs
With Arc2 70cm wide and Water table - 30kgs/66lbs
With Adjustable Arc - 27kg/60lbs
With Adjustable Arc and Water table - 32kg/71lbs
With Preachers (tall) table - 23kg/51lbs
With Preachers table and Water table 28kg/62lbs

The plywood case will leave us in perfect condition, but it ships with no extra packaging around it. It will arrive with shipping labels attached directly to it. For this reason there may be minor blemishes and marks from the process of shipping it to you (its first journey!)
ply A2
Plywood case for Arc2 Pulpit and Water Table



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