Table Lectern

Table Lectern - Arc 60cm/24" wide - clear top

About this table lectern:

This is a 60cm/24” wide lectern for using on top of a desk.

This is the Arc lectern in a useful tabletop version. Stephen Procter originally designed it for the family court in Sydney. It is now widely used in many situations, from committees to corporate presentations.


More about this table lectern:

This pulpit is stable yet lightweight. It is easily moved around and stored.

Made in the same high quality stainless steel and acrylic, it is stylish and unobtrusive. The top is 60cm/24” wide, suitable for notes. This lectern top does not have anti reflective film. If you do need anti reflective film, you can order a custom version. Click here to learn more about anti reflective film. 

Australian made.
A1 60cl table
Table Lectern - Arc 60cm/24" wide - clear top



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AUD $40.00
About this pulpit cover - 60cm/24" wide:

Most churches order a cover for the lectern to help protect the top when it’s not in use.

Made from elastic edged cotton drill, a cover helps to prolong the life of the lectern by helping to keep the top scratch and dust free. Covers are especially important for tops with anti reflective film....
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How do you care for your pulpit?

It is important to remember that the pulpit top (acrylic) and pulpit base (stainless steel) need different methods for cleaning. Carrying the pulpit correctly can also help preserve the life of the top.

How do you clean your pulpit top?
1. Procson Pulpit top Cleaner.
This contains Kunst-stoff- recommended...
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