Anti reflective film

Anti reflective film

Anti Reflective film

What is this and why do I need it?

When you look at buying one of our lecterns for sale, we ask you if you require AR film. This is mostly needed if there is a projector screen behind the preacher. In this case, lights from above the stage reflect off the lectern top and onto the projector screen. You can test for this by turning on your stage lights and holding an old style (shiny) CD case where the lectern top would be. If you get unsightly reflections, you need the film. If you ordered film for the podium, you almost certainly need it for the table as well.

The film is applied during manufacture. It is very difficult to do well. We use special machinery to apply it, and even then there are over 55% rejects.

If you don't order the film, but after receiving your pulpit/ table discover you need it, all is not lost, we will let you know the specification and you can get it applied locally (but it probably wont be done to the quality level we are able to do).

Why do I need anti reflective film on my lectern?  Stephen Procter explains