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Procson Pty Ltd
We design, make and sell church pulpits and lecterns for contemporary, modern churches.

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Procson church pulpits are made In Sydney Australia and exported all over the world. For many years I worked for a Sydney industrial design consultancy. I left, working as a freelance designer and won the newcomers award at the Milan furniture fair. Through this experience, I found that some things can be outsourced to other countries, others not. Anything that requires a high amount of skill needs to be made locally in a country with a history of manufacturing to keep the quality high.

Sydney has a unique combination of of craftsmen, technology and local churches like Hillsong church and C3 churches that are constantly raising the standard.

For this reason, our church pulpits are made by us here in Australia in our own small factory. We also use some outside engineers and craftsmen who do things that we can‘t.

Our lecterns look simple- but a lot of effort and skill is required to get the crisp and seamless finishes that we achieve. This is important- it is going on your stage and we expect you to have it for 20 years or longer. As iPhone designer Ive says ‘it is a lot of effort to make something look simple’

We are church pulpit specialists, so we are committed to designing and making great lecterns. The Arc lectern has improved a lot since I first designed it and began to make them. They are 35% lighter and 2.3x more stable than the early versions.

This is the website for customers from Australia and the rest of the world. For customers from UK and Europe, USA please see below.

For orders and enquiries please contact us:
29 Spark St
Earlwood NSW 2206
Sydney, Australia
Tel: 02
9718 0804 (International +61 2 9718 0804)
Mob/Cell: 0413 693 232

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We are continually designing and manufacturing church pulpits and other church supplies (including communion trays) for sale.
Please keep refering to this website for information on new products and lectern releases.

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