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About this Arc Water Table: This table is the choice companion to the Arc lectern. Measuring in at 70cm/28” high, it is taller than a regular table which makes it more convenient to reach when you are preaching, than a regular side table. Most churches that purchase the Arc lectern also... more
About this Arc water table: This is a table designed to suit the Arc2 lectern. The combination of Arc2 lectern and Arc water table is seen on TV all over the world and in major churches like Hillsong. Most churches that purchase the Arc2 lectern also purchase this table. It is to be used for a... more
About this black Arc water table: This Arc Water table can be used alone or together with the black Arc2. The base and stem are powder coated in a carefully selected, slightly textured black paint and the top has a special custom anti reflective tinted black top. The painted finish is durable... more
About this Arc Preachers table: A new generation of pastors are finding their own style of preaching. Sometimes this means sitting down to preach or not using a lectern at all. If either of these styles appeal to you, then the Arc Preachers Table will be perfect for you. This Arc Preachers... more
About this Arc Preachers table: This is the Preacher Table with the added feature of anti reflective film. The Preachers Table is a prevalent choice among up and coming preachers. It works well if you want to preach with an iPad.   More about this church furniture Arc Preachers table... more
About this Arc Preachers table in black: This is the Preachers Table with a beautiful black powder coated stem and base. Stylish and understated, this Preachers Table has all of the advantages and elegance of a regular Preachers Table, with a luxurious black finish. The painted finish is... more
About this Arc communion table: If you want all of your church furniture, especially the pieces seen on stage, to ‘talk the same language’ then this communion table is a perfect fit. Understated and elegant by design, this communion table offers style and function whilst not distracting from... more
About this church furniture height change: This option is for the experienced speaker, who knows exactly what they want. You can get your Arc Water Table made to a custom height. Some preachers who speak during several services on a weekend or many times during the week, like to have a table at... more
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